Feb 21, 2013

Bibliography of Radical Theology

With all the interest in radical/political theology being generated around Subverting the Norm (Springfield, April 5th & 6th), I think it’s time to crowdsource a bibliography.  These are a few off the top of my head (and a few thrown in from those who tweeted suggestions). 

What else would you suggest we should add?  Let’s have a list ready for the conference.

Altizer, The Gospel of Christian Atheism

Altizer and Hamilton, Radical Theology and the Death of God

Badiou, Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism

Benjamin, Theses on the Philosophy of History

Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison

Caputo, On Religion

Caputo, The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida

Caputo, The Weakness of God

Caputo, Vattimo, and Robbins After the Death of God

Crockett, Radical Political Theology

Crockett, Secular Theology: American Radical Theological Thought 

Crockett and Robbins, Religion, Politics, and the Earth: The New Materialism

Engels, On Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

Feuerbach, Essence of Religion

Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

Freud, The Future of an Illusion

Kearney, Anatheism: Returning to God After God

Hegel, Phenomenology of the Spirit

Marx and Engels, On Religion

Robbins, Radical Democracy and Political Theology

Robinson, Honest to God

Rollins, Insurrection

Schmitt, Political Theology

Snider, Preaching After God

Taubes, The Political Theology of Paul

Vattimo, After Christianity

Winquist, The Surface of the Deep

Žižek, The Puppet and the Dwarf

Žižek and Milbank, The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic?