• Scattered Thoughts on the Election

    It is important to feel sadness deeply and mourn for those who will be harmed in the years ahead. This will likely be the most heartbreaking and catastrophic election of my lifetime. The climate will continue to collapse, people will die in careless wars, even more will lose liberties, and many, many more will suffer.

    I saw so many friends last night wondering how they would tell their kids this today. I can’t imagine how you all do it. My fiancée left for work this morning to teach her fourth graders. The school she teaches at is 100% black and Latino. Many have spent the last year if their families will be split up. They wondered if white America could really despise them so deeply, and they heard the message.

    There has never been an election with more perfectly appropriate examples of Godwin’s Law. Today could have been the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but instead today is the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

    God is (nearly) dead. Last night was a last gasping breath of Christian America. Exit polling says over 4/5 white Evangelicals voted for Trump, which is higher than their support for Bush. Millennials will remember this, and the credibility will not be regained. 

    I like the phrase I keep seeing—“America deserves Trump"—but that’s not quite right. White men deserve Trump, but they are the only ones he will not hurt. Nobody else deserves this.

    Misogyny won, and it won in the most brutal contrast imaginable. An extremist with no experience but a tendency to brag about sexual assault beat a centrist who was the most qualified candidate to ever run.

    White supremacy won. According to my syllabus, I’ll talk to students tomorrow about white privilege and black liberation tomorrow morning. My writing project on anxiety, religion, and populism just became more horrifically real. I am a straight, white male and will not suffer like many of you, and all I can offer is my efforts to teach compassion and critical thinking. 

    Trump is a narcissist first, a fool second, and a cynical knave third. Interpret his actions in that order. His strategy is all anxiety and his tactics are all affect. He will be controlled by the GOP exactly as much as they were able to control him during the campaign.

    Hold those you love close, watch out for those who will be harmed, mourn today, and then we have work to do.