My forthcoming book Future of Denial: The Ideologies of Climate Change (Verso Books, 2023) examines emerging types of latent climate denial and consequences, with attention to violence against migrants, expropriation of indigenous lands for carbon credits, challenges in the energy transition, limits to carbon dioxide removal technologies, and the stubborn impasse of political economy. Read an excerpt at Salvage.

My latest book Against: What Does the White Evangelical Want? explores trends and underlying desires of the most quintessentially American faith—a theological improvisation around whiteness. In five chapters—Against Future, Against Knowledge, Against Sexuality, Against Reality, and Against Society—the book conjoins history and psychoanalysis to explore a dangerous religio-political coalition. There is also a ten-part podcast of Against.

I’m the author of The Cynic & the Fool: The Unconscious in Theology & Politics and God Is Unconscious: Psychoanalysis & Theology. I’m interested in the intersections of continental philosophy, theology, psychoanalysis, critical theory, and politics. Beyond my research, I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Baltimore City Community College.

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